Can Veterinary Emergency Center be my family Veterinarian?

We often are asked whether we can provide regular veterinary care such as vaccines, spays or neuters. The relationship between an emergency veterinarian and your family veterinarian is a very important one. Due to the special needs of our hospital, which is dedicated solely to emergency, specialty, and critical care, routine health maintenance is not available. We urge you to see your regular family veterinarian for any regular physicals or non- emergent situations.

How do you communicate with me while my pet is under your care?

While your pet is staying with us, we will call you with updates as well as any changes in your pet's condition. We also can provide complimentary text messaging with photo updates as well! It is important that you provide us with the best phone numbers to reach you during your pets stay at Veterinary Emergency Center. We also encourage you to call in if you are concerned or would like updates any time of the day or night. 

Can I visit my pet while he or she is hospitalized?

We understand that being separated from your pet can be hard. We make every effort to allow you to visit your furry friend during their stay with us. We do however ask that you call and let us know when to expect you for the visit. If your pet is ambulatory and their current treatment plan allows it, we can let you take your dog on a short leash walk. 

Are you able to provide medical advice over the phone?

Because of the serious and sensitive nature of emergency and critical care veterinary medicine, Veterinary Emergency Center does not give medical diagnoses or advice over the phone or through e-mail. The health of your pet is very important to us. We believe that in order to give you and your pet the best care, we must see your animal before we can accurately give a diagnosis or advice. We are open nights, weekends and holidays for emergency and critical cases. 

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